Reflexology Testimonials

  1. I had been suffering from sinus/migraine headaches for 4 days. John worked on the areas that dealt with my headaches and while it was uncomfortable to have those areas worked on, my headache subsided and I felt much better. I realize this isn't a one visit cure. We found other areas on my feet that were tender (ie: other areas of my body that need to "relax"), so I will continue with my sessions. It is just like exercise, you have to keep up with your body! I recommend reflexology for trouble areas and relaxation. Thanks John!!!
    Diane R.
  2. I was in substantial pain due to a upper hip/sciatic issue which has been chronic. This problem usually takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks before the pain subsides. The next morning after my session I awoke pain-free. This was quite astonishing as the night before I could hardly climb the stairs to my bedroom. I am grateful for the gifting that God has given to John.
    Jamie A.
  3. I was blessed with my first Reflexology session and HIGHLY recommend it. I was in the process of joining Fit By Faith and telling John & Krista how stressed I was. Krista immediately suggested that I needed to try a reflexology session. I don't know how to relax, but nearly an hour into it, I "nearly" relaxed! I was also amazed what I learned about Reflexology, pressure points, stress, blood circulation, etc. I need to schedule a follow-up session! God has given John a GREAT gift to help people!
    Sheri W.
  4. Being a new runner, I didn't realize the importance of a good pair of running shoes and as a result, developed shin splints. John addressed my forearms (in a technique called "referral") and in less than a couple of hours after the session, the pain was gone!!! I whole-heartedly believe in reflexology, but more than that, I truly believe in The One who gave John this gift! He is gifted with a form of healing and if you are suffering from any type of pain or discomfort, please see John! He can help!
    Mandy C.
  5. This is so totally amazing! When I sat down for my session, I had the worst headache I've had in a long time. By the end of the session, it was gone and so was most of the tension in my neck and back. I slept better that night and woke up more rested than I have in a month. God has truly blessed John with a gift of healing.
    Lori A.
  6. I can not express how much reflexology has helped my family. Consistent visits to John helped me overcome a very powerful kidney infection, as well as relieving my son of fever and aiding in his recovery of mono. He has also helped my very reluctant 3 year old by stimulating her immune system and helping her be healed from a sore throat and ear infection. I didn't believe that reflexology could help - but I am a definite believer now. God created the body connected - all we have to do is know the right pressure points! thanks John!
    Laura H.
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