Virtual Training Testimonials

  1. I have been working with Krista for over a year. I have used her online videos and added virtual training when she initially offered them. I wanted the extra push and intensity that you get when someone is watching you workout! She is able to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly, each session is very different from the one before, and she pushes you to use heavier weights than what you would probably try on your own. She gets in tune with you as a client and knows what weights you should use and won't let you go light to make it easier. My baseball season was one of the best i have had since i was in my 20's, and i was able to do cycling training with ease. I absolutely recommend her as a trainer!
    Tammy K.
  2. I have worked out with Krista for years, in person for a long time & doing some of her online workouts. I started virtual training with her because I missed the one on one connection & push she gives me. As a trainer, I do ok with working out on my own. But I know I don’t push to what I’m capable of like I do when I have someone giving me cues, watching my form, and speaking encouragement. Doing virtual training helped increase my strength, my sweat, lol, & my confidence! Everyone needs a coach & Krista is da best!
    Sara N.